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specialized Internet education & training for compliance, use, disposal, transport, & safety of explosives by licensed degreed and licensed experts

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  • Faculty with unmatched expertise.

THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY™ faculty includes highly qualified and licensed instructors from across the globe.  We can draw from the most qualified instructors in any given field or subject because we are not limited to any one geographical area.   Our classes are available online through state-of the art web-based (Internet) programs.  Other classes are taught live.  To ensure the value and relevance of explosives education, all THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY™ instructors hold a master's or doctoral degree (PhD).   In addition, they maintain high-level positions within the fields they teach.  They know what it takes to educate others on the safety, use, transport, and application of explosives.  They apply real-life situations and up-to-date exercises to each curriculum.  This means everything taught in class can be immediately applied to one’s knowledge of explosives safety.  

  • Always the best.

To ensure that our faculty can deliver a productive and stimulating live or Internet education to our students, the faculty must also complete an extensive testing, training, and mentoring program.  All faculty must meet rigorous standards for both explosives content knowledge and facilitation skills to meet our selection criteria.  The training process never stops.  Additional development courses, continuing education sessions, and ongoing faculty meetings are designed to enhance instructional skills and keep faculty up to date on explosives.

By selecting and training the best-educated faculty, THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY™ is able to deliver quality, real-world explosives education of unsurpassed value.

  • Become a part-time EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY instructor.

If you are a working professional with a graduate degree, in-depth knowledge of the explosives field, strong communication skills, computer proficiency, and a desire to help others succeed, you may have what it takes to be an EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY ™ instructor.

Teaching success to motivated professionals at THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY ™ is rewarding in many ways. In addition to earning a good salary, you have the opportunity to educate others in a way that cannot be achieved in other academic environments. You have the satisfaction of positively impacting the quality of the education and employment of our students.  You also can achieve a level of growth and professionalism.

  • The rewards of teaching at THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY ™ .

  • Teach part-time without interrupting your career or retirement.

THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY ™ offers a very competitive part-time salary. Courses are taught asynchronously (like e-mail).  Teach your class at the times and places that fit your schedule. 

  • Experience the satisfaction of delivering quality instruction. 

As an EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY ™ instructor, you will have the satisfaction of imparting your wisdom and experience unto our students. 

  • Expand and improve your own expertise. 

You can expand your own depth of knowledge by developing course materials, reading various texts, reviewing student work, and participating in class discussions.

  • Improve your communication and leadership skills.

Class instruction requires strong communication and leadership skills.  You can sharpen your ability to organize, communicate, and lead by developing and delivering course material. THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY ™ also offers a wide array of assessment and educational programs to further enhance your skills.

  • Network with other explosives professionals. 

As an EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY ™ instructor, you have a unique opportunity to network with other explosives faculty and students from around the world.  These include successful professionals and industry leaders from various companies and organizations.

  • Apply now. 

We are currently accepting applications for part-time instructors to prepare and deliver outstanding explosives education for live classes and Internet (online, web-based) classes.

Bilingual preferred.  Military background desired.  Master of Science engineering degree or Ph.D. and blasting (explosives engineering) license required.  Travel is mandatory.

Please provide the following:

  • Full contact information for 5 references
  • URL of detailed résumé (in Word or pdf Format),
  • URL of a copy of academic degrees and license(s)
  • Salary history

Please email this information with a cover letter, subject: CAREERS.

Please note:  Your résumé will be reviewed.  THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY will contact you if there is a position opening that matches your skill sets and experience. Your résumé will remain in our active file for six months if there are no suitable openings. We will contact you if a position should open which fits your background and experience at a later date. There is no need to submit another résumé within the six-month period unless your name, address, phone number, etc., changes during that time.

THE EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY™ is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Females and minority candidates are encouraged to apply.  EOE/AA/M/D/V

No phone calls, please.


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