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About Us

One of the greatest challenges to confront the world today is the safe identification, use, transport, and storage of explosives. While commonly used in the construction industries, explosives, such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) now account for the disproportionate number of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), the leading cause of death and disability among soldiers and victims of terrorism.

In response to the demands for high-quality and low-cost curricula on explosives safety education, the retraining of veterans for new careers that tap into their military experiences, and the pursuit of new occupations in the exciting field of explosives, the Explosives Academy is pleased to provide the best and largest selection of multimedia, telephonic, and on-line delivery of courses developed and taught by degreed and licensed blasting professionals.

Our proposed program pioneers e-learning delivery and increases global opportunities for industry, government, and higher education. The numerous explosives safety courses we offer, with options for certification, bomb threat response education, and blasting and explosives engineering licensure preparation keeps the Academy ahead of the competition, satisfies the demand for immediate online explosives education, and puts us on the forefront and international map of premier academia.

We offer a totally new curriculum that is designed to be up-to-date and effective.  Our courses are the most comprehensive available.  As we face a world filled with use and misuse of explosives and ammunition, the need to know and to understand these topics is essential. These modules may even prove invaluable (and should probably be compulsory for the obvious safety benefits) to soldiers preparing for combat and law enforcement agents facing terrorist threats. The Explosives Academy offers short courses that can be taken at any time and anywhere on the planet where there is access to the Internet.  Classes in foreign languages are also available.   Customized instruction is offered and tailored to meet the demands of specialized studies and training.

Our numerous clients include governments, militaries, defense contractors, and private industries.  Our unmatched experience enables us to deliver programs of excellence in education of explosives safety as it may relate to AF-M, AMC, ATEC, ATF, DA, DHS, DOD, DOE, DOT, FAA, NASA, NAVSEA, OSHA, and UN among others. 

EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY is exclusively dedicated to explosives safety study, training, and certification.  As part of our commitment to providing the best classes and curriculum, we also publish the internationally recognized newsletter, EXPLOSIVES ACADEMY E-NEWSLETTER.

All of our courses on explosives  are available as modules.  Collectively, they can increase community impact and education through immediate certification, explosives safety education training and retraining, preparation for explosives engineering (blasting) licensure, explosives safety initiatives, security and risk mitigation, safe explosives training practices, or enrichment.  Enroll today in any one of our numerous Internet  classes.  Earn your certification in explosives safety now.  We welcome you.



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